A series of Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Summits about building and operating efficient & sustainable Network, Energy & Digital Infrastructures.

Our Mission

Over the past 24 years we have witnessed digital infrastructure grow into a global phenomenon that underpins every sector in today’s society. The owners and operators of digital infrastructure are responsible for the lifeblood of modern society.

Technical advances in connectivity and server infrastructure are driving society’s ability to deal with social, political, economic and environmental issues head-on.

We, as an industry, have done much to become more efficient but we are running out of time and there is much more work that needs to be done.

Through a series of Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Summits, our aim is to drive wider awareness and adoption of smarter, more efficient solutions and stimulate debate on how we build more sustainable network, energy and digital infrastructures to reduce our industry’s carbon footprint and the impact it has on our environment.

About the Summit Series…

Sustainability has never been higher on boardroom agendas for operators of all forms of Digital Infrastructure.

With mounting pressure being placed on operators to drive higher levels of efficiency and adopt more sustainable energy sources, the industry is being driven into a new paradigm. This combined with the explosive growth in data generated by AI, IoT, Autonomous vehicles, industry 4.0, 5G and beyond bring with it new challenges on how we design, build and operate digital infrastructure.

With edge expected to be “4 times bigger than cloud” by 2030 and many cities now committing to 100% renewable energy use targets – the industry needs to re-think traditional methodologies and build the edge in a highly efficient and sustainable way, minimising its carbon footprint and reducing the impact this vast growth in capacity could have on the environment.

Advancements in technology and engineering are delivering the tools required to meet the sustainability challenges the industry is facing head-on. Through a series of summits, the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure series will bring together industry-leading experts, consultants, solutions providers, energy and sustainability experts, utilities, design & construction specialists with enterprise and commercial operators of digital infrastructure to discuss how we build a sustainable edge and the other infrastructure necessary to meet demand, increase operational efficiency and ensure operators sustainability goals are aligned with those of end users.

Covering infrastructure upgrades, key advancements in technology and engineering solutions, operational performance, power/cooling, energy, efficiency, water, microgrids, onsite power generation, wind/solar/hydro, fuel cells and AI – the series provides a focused networking opportunity for all operators of digital infrastructure to meet with experts who have the technology and know-how to meet their efficiency and sustainability needs.

Typical job titles of those attending the Summits are CEO, CFO, COO, and Heads/Directors of:

  • Site selection
  • Energy management
  • Sustainability/Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Engineering/Power & Cooling
  • Water use efficiency
  • Renewable energy (DERs)
  • Microgrids/energy storage
  • Operational performance & efficiency
  • Edge & data center
  • Network & Interconnects
  • Digital infrastructure Investment
  • Design & Construction
  • Artificial intelligence/Blockchain

Does your organisation offer network, energy, renewables, engineering, power/cooling, efficiency/sustainability or other services/solutions to the digital infrastructure industry that can positively impact efficiency and sustainability? If you wish to meet those responsible for operating digital infrastructures then this series is where you need to be and we want to hear from you, so please drop us a line and one of our Team will be delighted to assist.

Transformational change will not happen overnight, together the industry has an opportunity to positively impact how we move forward and build a more sustainable/efficient future for digital infrastructure.

This is our problem to solve, it cannot be left for the next person to fix, the first step is engaging in high-level discussion and begin planning for the challenges that lie ahead.

Our Commitment

Digital Infrastructure Partners are committed to connecting high-level influencers and decision makers who design, build, own and operate all forms of digital infrastructure with service and solution providers who have the technology and know how to reduce our industry’s carbon footprint.

Have your say…..

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